Top 5 advantages of Mac over Windows

Confused between Windows and Mac? Not able to choose any specific one? This list will tell you Top 5 advantages of Mac over Windows. May be one of these advantage suite and help you to choose an appropriate operating system for your home/work.

“Over the years, OS X has changed in many ways. But the principles that define it haven’t: power, simplicity, beauty.”

It is Apple who takes care about everything Hardware, Software, Design, Simplicity in every direction.

Top 5 advantages of Mac over Windows

Here the list begins. Hope you will enjoy reading this:

5.Frequent Updates:

Frequent Updates

Apple’s developers are very serious about their work.They are very responsive about bug-issues. Mac is therefore becoming more secure, more friendly, more elegant day by day.

4.Great Hardware:

Great Hardware

Trackpad is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It made apps more user-friendly, easy navigation. This replaces mouse, and many more clicks with simple gestures. If you use it I am sure that you will fall in love with it. One of the best hardware design is Macbook Air. Magsafe’s magnetic connection has a great elegance. Apple always wish to make his user less complicity in use of his device. They try to make everything clean and compact.

3.Battery Life:

Battery Life

To a user Battery life of his laptop or desktop is very much important. Apple always takes care of that side. Developers make every app energy-efficient more than before. Laptops with windows OS have lesser battery backup than any Mac laptops with same configuration and using same apps. Macbook Air (13 inch) has 12 hours battery backup.

2.Great in built Apps:

Great in built Apps

The Mac OS X comes with Safari (browser), iMovie (video-editing software), iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes, iBooks, Photo Booth, Dictionary, QuickTime Player, and many more. They all are user-friendly. Among these First six apps may be called free professional softwares.

1. Super Cool Interface:

Super Cool Interface

The most amazing thing to tell about Mac is its interface. You get quick access to wi-fi, bluetooth, Timemachine (backup), notifications, Apps, and also files easily. Spotlight helps find everything in your Mac as well as shows web-based suggestions in a well-ordered way. With the touch of trackpad it becomes easier to navigate from one app to another, zooming photos, and so on. Everything is designed to make you feel comfortable.

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