Top 5 Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Here in this article we will talk about Top 5 Hidden Features of Google Chrome which most internet users are not aware of. These features are really handy and can save a little bit of effort every day. In this way in long run it saves lots of your time.

In other way some of these 5 hidden features of Chrome will help you to safe in the Internet, and will reduce the chance of losing your personal data.

Hidden Features of Google Chrome

Below are the best 5 Google Chrome’s hidden feature. Lets start the list:

5. Pin tab

Pin tab in Google Chrome
Pin tab in Google Chrome

This is useful when you when use some websites frequently (such as Gmail, Facebook), and don’t want to close those accidentally. Pinning tabs come to rescue at this situation. When you pin a tab, it goes to the extreme left of all opened tabs and there are no close tab icon. This is a very useful for power users who browses the internet too much and among them always wants some site to be open (say Gmail, Hotmail, and Twitter). This feature is also useful for bloggers who is writing some article. You can research within the same window in several tabs and there will be no chance of accidentally close the tab you writing in.

4. Incognito mode

Google Chrome Incognito Mode
Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is useful when you want to browse the internet securely and privately. There will be no way to track the websites you browsed in incognito window (Tab). All the cookies, files, scripts will be deleted as soon as you close the tab. Chrome does not save the sites you visit in incognito window. Be sure that incognito cannot protect you from surveillance done by Govt. agencies (Such as NSA spying) or from person standing behind you.

3. Quick Calculation

Top 5 Hidden Features of Google Chrome -Quick Calculation
Google Chrome : Quick Calculation

When you are a little bit confused about your calculation, you can quickly check this via Chrome Search Box. For example, you want to multiply 1350 by 13 , simply type 1350*13 on the Search Box. Answer 17550 will be shown in the results (below navigation bar). This feature is very handy for quick arithmetic calculations.

2.  Paste and go/paste and search

Paste and go and paste and search
Paste and go and paste and search

Google Chrome has an interactive shortcut. When you want to search for something just type that in Chrome url panel and hit enter. Chrome will directly show you search results (by using default search engine), You can change the default search engine to Bing, Yahoo, Ask or anything you want.

When you are trying to open a new website, just copy and paste the url (from another browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer or from any document), while pasting select paste and go. This will save a little bit of your precious time as you do not need to touch your keyboard to hit enter.

1. Built-in task manager

Google Chrome Built-in task manager
Google Chrome Built-in task manager

Like Windows Google Chrome also its own built-in task manager. This will show you what is consuming your memory and how much. You can use this feature to monitor each site/page/window’s individual memory and processing usage. This comes handy when any of the site tab became unresponsive, as you can close that particular tab without affecting other open tabs.

You can find Chrome task manager by entering  “Shift+Esc” or by right clicking on the chrome’s navigation panel .

Hope you enjoyed reading above Top 5 Hidden Features of Google Chrome. If you feel any other feature deserves to be in above top 5 list, let us know in the comment section (with proper explanation).


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  1. Hey Sadek,

    I knew about all of these but I can’t use Chrome anymore. It keeps shutting down on me and although I’ve been to their forum and done everything they’ve suggested nothing works so I’ve given up.

    Loved that browser but oh well. Hope everyone else isn’t having this issue.

  2. In as much as I have Google Chrome installed on my pc, I hardly do use since I’m a great fan of Mozilla but it is really interesting to know Chrome really has some interesting features.

  3. Thanks Sadek for sharing these features of Google Chrome with us. This post really enhance my knowledge as you mentioned some features about which I have no idea. Build in Task manager is something new to me.

  4. Hi Sadek,

    Well, You mention good points. Actually I am not aware with the built in task manager. This is completely new for me and I check these out. Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Sadek,
    Thank you for such a useful tips. Well I’ve been using Google Chrome since years but never knew these tricks. I’d surely check this out.

  6. Apart from these, I would also recommended “Inspect Element” as one of the hidden features because with that we can check each and every details of websites.

  7. Out of 5, I didn’t know no 1 and 2. I’m using Chrome mainly because its simplicity and speed.

  8. Hi Sadek,
    Thanks for the article, I almost know 3 among the 5 things you shared here. Really cool to know the remaining two features to will try them too…

  9. hi,

    Great post as like always.. I am surprised when I read the title of this post. THanks for sharing this 🙂


  10. Hi Sadek,
    You have written a very useful post…We use google chrome day in and day out but usually do not know all the features…I did not know that about google incognito…It is a very useful feature…

  11. Hi Sadek,

    Awesome post bro thanks for sharing this with us. I am not aware of this chrome’s hidden features. Have a nice day 🙂

  12. Wow I just discovered something very useful. Incognito mode is really a wonderful feature. Thanks for the post Sadek.

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