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Top 5 most Beautiful iPhone apps

5 Best designed iOS Apps of 2014

There are over 1 million applications in the Apple’s App Store and it is getting difficult every day to find out which apps are useful and which will perform cut above the rest. But we have it here for you. Here is the review of top 5 most beautiful iOS  apps you must  check out.

Top 5 most Beautiful iPhone apps

5. Tiny planet

Tiny planet app
Tiny planet app

It is quite difficult to come across the applications that are truly an original by tiny planet completely fits in the description. This app uses a magical effect or effects added to any photograph that you will capture to transform it into a tiny planet. The application will create a tiny sphere in the centre of a frame using its special effect. If you will use a good image, the output will come out to look like a small planet floating in the centre of space.

You can also create another effect from this application called tiny Tube in which the reverse effect takes place where the space will come in the centre of the image and the image will be surrounding the planet and planets will surround the space. You can share the images on Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

4. Upto calendar for iPhone

Upto calendar for iPhone
Upto calendar for iPhone

The completely redesigned calendar in iOS 7 was hated by some people and a few individuals liked it as well. For the individuals who didn’t like the iOS 7 calendar have a great option called up to calendar application for the iPhone. The Upto calendar is a kind of child of Apple’s iOS 7 calendar and HTC sensor 6 calendar. This application will give the users and access to thousands of publicly available calendars.

This application can show you the iPhone calendar, Google calendar and even the iCloud calendar. You can also check out when your favorite TV shows are going to come and even when the Facebook events are supposed to occur.

 3. PhotoToaster

PhotoToaster iPhone App
PhotoToaster iPhone App

Porter toaster is a great photo editing application available for iPhone users and it is definitely one which is worth paying for. There are simple 1 click effects for the iPhone users which do not like complex tuning whereas on the other hand there are advanced features for the people who like to fine tune their images. The application is quite simple and it is not cluttered or confusing like other photo editing applications.

2. Swell

Swell iOS app
Swell iOS app

If there is any Pandora’s Box for broadcast and online news videos for iOS users it is definitely the application called swell. There are numerous resources for audio news and podcast so if you haven’t installed swell on your iPhone you are missing great content that you could have enjoyed. One can listen to the unlimited streaming audio from channels like BBC, ESPN, iTunes and many more. The application is completely programmed for USA and Canadian users. Therefore, you must go and check out this application called swell.

1. Breeze

Breeze app
Breeze app

The Apples iPhone 5S has a M7 motion coprocessor that has capacity to monitor your movements and track down the steps. If you have a third-party application that can collect the step data from M7 co-processor, then you can monitor and keep tracks of the steps you take every day.

We find breeze as the most simple and most effective of all the third-party applications available to collect the step data. The application can provide notifications when new reach certain milestone or your targets.


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  1. Iphone series is simply awesome and will always be favorite. Though, I just love all its apps, but phototoaster and breeze are my favorites.

  2. Hi Sameer,
    This is my first visit on your blog and I’M really impresseed!!! 🙂
    waht an amazing list of apps that you have mentioned here,I have not using any apps oon my iphone,but after reading your post surely I’m going to check it out now.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep it up.

  3. Great list of apps. I have already tried all the above apps in my iphone and that was cool 🙂 Thanks for the listing

  4. Hello Sadek,
    These are some nice app for the ios family. I don’t have an iphone, i would have tried the photo toaster because with the reviiew, it looks awesome.
    Thanks and have a nice week ahead…

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