Top 5 Problems that Apple iPhone 6 will solve

In this article you will know the Top Five Problems of iPhone 5s which needs to be solved in upcoming iPhone 6.

There have been lots of talks and discussions about the upcoming 5 inch iPhone 6 to be launched after a few months. The company is exploring the potential of the market and looking into the possible screen resolution options. There are 5 simple problems that will be sorted out when iPhone 6 will be launched. This will be a better product surely and ultimately make our iPhone using experience inexplicable.

Top 5 Problems that Apple iPhone 6 will solve

1. Customer base in the 5 inch mobile market

Customer base in the 5 inch mobile market

Apple is the king when it comes to 4 inch phone market but it is completely zero when we talk about 5 inch owns and there are Samsung is the ruling brand. Increasingly size of screen in iPhone 6 will not only help Apple to get huge customer base but it will also take money away from the competitors.

2. Price drop amongst flagship devices


Increasingly screen of iPhone 6 will increase the competition that will lead to drop in prices of various flagship phones from different manufacturers. Apple is known for the user experience and the ecosystem friendly devices. Increasing the size of screen in Apple iPhone 6 will fortify the Apple’s strength in both these areas letting it have a better and stronger hold in the mobile industry.

3. Better functional and user-friendly device

user friendly

The iPhone will become more functional and better computing platform. People do not need to carry multiple devices like iPad to have an experience of a bigger screen. People want phones which aren’t as big as the plate these days and the iPhone 6 with a 5 inch screen will fill this gap surely.

The device will become more accessible with a bigger screen with better user experience, larger interface elements including ease on typing text and viewing images. The technology will become easier to use definitely with new Apple iPhone 6.

4. Improved software and application experience

Improved software and application experience

The software will also become more sophisticated. Own can be operated through one hand only by use of gestures, an aviation and dynamic interface. Initially Apple was constrained with a screen resolution of 1136×640. Now this constraint will be gone and the new platform will open up for future.

Apple is focusing now on the goal to solve problems and make their technology more mainstream and more user-friendly. Apple or a bowl to make products that will improve the lives of their customers. They just don’t want to increase the sale of their iPhones but they warned that people must have better devices and it must also add to the value of their ecosystem. So the company does not focus on high volume but high-quality.

5. More possible options from Apple to its customers

More options from Apple

At present, people have to choose between a bigger screen phone and an Apple’s iPhone. With the coming Apple iPhone 6 people will have both of these in one device. Apple has been serving people with different screen sizes ranging from MacBook air, iPad, iPod, iMac and iPhone. The Apples iPhone 6 will enhance the available options to the Apple lovers.


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  1. Hello,
    I am personally not a fan of Apple products but yup, as a critic I look forward for what they have in store. Moreover, my entire friend circle talks about Apple so I need to stay updated. 😛
    The increased size would certainly provide great advantages to Apple and to the sales of iPhones. Their boat have been seeing tough time in market due to competition from other companies but still, their popularity and demand stays and if all those problems are solved, more people would prefer this to others.

  2. Hello,

    Wonderful article. Great feature of Apple iphone 6, really useful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead!

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