Top 5 reasons to study Mathematics

Mathematics is the word which we hear at the moment we start our student life. But the most strange fact about it is that most of us don’t like it or think it is hard and of little use, hence it’s worthless to study mathematics!! This mindset is totally incorrect.That type of thoughts come to our mind when we face a bad learning system or a really bad teacher. I think most of the readers of this post think that math is just a subject of calculation, but it not enough. Here is the answer :

“Math is a language which is used to understand our real life problems and give it a beautiful shape and then solve it by its wonderful tools.”

The term “tool” implies formulas, theorems, and so on. Now let’s talk about the reasons behind taking Math as your subject of choice. Also Read Top 5 Universities in India.

Top 5 Reasons to study mathematics

Mathematics has several branches such as classical mathematics, applied mathematics, calculus, algebra,trigonometry,Geometry, and many more. To make this discussion easier we are considering all of these as only one subject, and here are the 5 reasons why you should study mathematics.

5. Adventure

Why Study Mathematics:  Adventure
Why Study Mathematics?- Adventure

Almost all of us like adventure. This is why we watch adventure movies, read Sherlock holmes, but did you think about adventure in math? Doing  a sum or proving an unknown theorem by using the known ones by ourselves is some type of invention.If you try to solve and problem but fail then don’t give up.You just need to check if have clear idea on the related theories.If you read wholeheartedly you must get better feeling than having a car for free.

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4. Motivation

Reasons to study Mathematics : Motivation
Reasons to study Mathematics : Motivation

Math is like our real life. It teaches us the fact that every problem has a solution. A mathematician always believes in labour. It helps to grow our intelligence and  analysing  power  of human brain which we need most in our life.Without an adequate knowledge of math no businessman can be more successful.

3. Research facilities

Research facilities
Research facilities

Like other branches of science in Math education there is a wide range of research facilities. Almost every college has research facilities in math. There are so many scholarships and fellowships for math education that a hardworking student can easily pursue higher research in universities like Oxford, Harvard ,Princeton University , etc.

2. Career opportunities

Study Mathematics for better Career opportunities
Study Mathematics for better Career opportunities

MATHEMATICS is a great motivator for all humans, because its career starts with “ZERO” but it never ends (INFINITY). As the number of math students is lesser than any branch of science and there is always vacancy for math teacher ,math-students take shorter time to get a well-salaried job.

1. Be a Mathematician

Be a Mathematician
Study Mathematics to Be a Mathematician

We all have heard the term ‘mathematician’. Now the question is who are they.Of course they are human being !! They learn the tools they need to a study a portion of math and then use it to derive new theorems, new formulas,etc.So If you do what they do , then you can become a mathematician.

Hope you enjoyed reading our version of Top 5 Reasons to study mathematics, and now I think you want to become a mathematician. If you have missed this subject in your formal studies, we can assure you there is certainly no age for becoming a mathematician, and you can still become a part of this enriched subject. You just need to study, study and study (a lot of studies), and when you start understanding how mathematics is everywhere (even there is a lots of mathematics in this article you are reading).

This article is written by my Nephew Mainul Hossain, who is currently studying at Visva Bharati University (One of India’s Elite University), majoring in Mathematics. Read the creation of his creative mind at


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