Top 5 Reasons to use Google+

Until last year in Social Networking Facebook had monopoly, and users were bound to use Facebook’s service even if they didn’t like it. After Google’s failed experiment with Buzz and Orkut, in  June 28, 2011 Google finally launched it’s much awaited all in one social networking platform Google+ (Also written as Google Plus). Some users think why they should use Google+ as Google is not an expert of social networking, and their previous failure with Google Buzz and Orkut proves this. To make things somewhat easier we have written this article explaining Top 5 Reasons to use Google+. There are more than 100s of reasons to love and hate Google+ but in this article we will only concentrate on the best of Google+

After it’s launch Google has revamped it’s all products and services structure and made them circle across Google+, which shows that Google is serious about this service. Google+ is not only a social networking site but also it is an authorship tool for web content owner/authors. In recent year Google integrated all of it’s services to one Google+ account (Including YouTube and Gmail)

Top 5 Reasons To Use Google+

Currently there are around 540 million active Google+ users (not registered users). There might be hundreds of reasons, but right now I will share the Top 5 reasons why Google+ is awesome and why you should use it.

5. Google+1 Button

Top 5 Reasons To Use Google+ : Google+1 Button
Top 5 Reasons To Use Google+ : Google+1 Button

Google +1 button is an indicator how popular and how engaging a specific web page, video or image is, This is a kind of Google version of Facebook Like button but more vast and more useful. Google has also integrated its Search Ranking with +1, and content with more +1 gets preference in Google search which forces webmasters to use Google+ button on their website.

4. User Base

Top 5 Reasons To Use Google+ : Google+ User Base
Top 5 Reasons To Use Google+ : Google+ User Base

Google+ is currently the 2nd largest Social networking site with more than 540 million users (October 2013), and growing more rapidly than any other social network, and may be if Google is able to direct all it’s search engine and Gmail users to Google+ then it will become the largest social networking site (beating Facebook way behind). With it’s current user base you will be able to communicate with most of your friends/family and brands. One advantage of Google+ is it’s users are highly engaging.

3. Integration with Other Google services

Integration with Other Google services
Integration with Other Google services

After it’s launch Google had integrated most of it’s services to Google+ making it heart of Google services. Every services you use are connected to your Google+ account for example you can add appointments to your Google calendar from Google+ page or if you select to attend a specific event in Google+ it will be automatically added to your Google Calendar. Another example is now you can comment on YouTube, Blogger blogs with just one click by using your Google+ account.

2. Google+ Mobile App

Google+ Mobile App
Google+ Mobile App

If you wish to have a good experience of Social networking, then Google+ is for you. Google+ mobile app is available in almost every mobile platform, and it’s extremely effective and fluid. Unlike Facebook or Twitter mobile app which is only able to do a limited thing, Google+ mobile app supports almost every task which you can do on desktop version. Users are also liking this effectiveness of Google+ app. According to a survey nearly 30% of the smartphone users used to use Google+ services from their mobile at least once in a month. Facebook and twitter are also trying to catch up Google, but till now they haven’t succeeded.

1. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts : Best reason to use Google +
Google+ Hangouts : Best reason to use Google +

And the No.1 reason to use Google+ services is Google Hangout. It’s a freaking free service. Unlike Skype you do not need to install any software. You can experience it’s full feature in web. Unlike Skype and other you don’t need to have any kind of monthly subscription for group video chat, Users can hangout with up to 10 person at a time in full HD. and the best part of Google hangout is you don’t need to search for contacts, you can directly hangout with Google+ users and people from your Gmail contact list.

Above were the Top 5 Reasons to use Google+, and I don’t think these are the only 5 reasons to use Google+ services. But despite of these reasons you might love or hate Google+ depending on your specific needs and taste. Let us know what’s your thought on our list, if you think any Google+ which should have been included in this article please let us know in the comment section. And finally DO NOT FORGET TO GOOGLE+ THIS ARTICLE.


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  1. Hi Sadek,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!!!
    You post is really interesting.. But i would like if you share some more information like on how it can more useful to bloggers as well.

  2. Out of these top five, best one is the integration of Google+ with other services.
    Helps a lot for using different services by just having a single account.

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