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Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Date!

Are you planning to go for a date? Yes? Then you would definitely like to impress your date at any cost.Then you are at right place. After getting lots of request we have decided to share these Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Date! Follow these useful tips and make sure that the date is a success!

Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Date!

5. Body Language

Body Language
Body Language

The first and foremost thing that you should observe about your body language is if you are making eye contact with your date.  When you talk, your eyes are the confirmation of your thoughts and feelings.  If you are shy or nervous, you may be tempted to look away as you talk, but this can mean that you are lying and also will make your date feel that you are not interested.  Even when you are not talking, eye contact can be very attractive.  A quick sideways glance with a smile can make your date feel special. Maintaining confident body language is the easiest way to make your date feel special, and which results a good impression about your personality.

4. Trust

Trust your partner
Trust your partner

It is important that you can give your potential date your actual home phone number.  If you don’t do that, then it looks like you are taken already.  Most women don’t like to stumble into an

Affair, so if they suspect that this is what is happening, and then they will not be keen to keep in touch.

3. Mannerism


Another thing that will be important on a date is how you actually sit.  If you are sitting at a table, you should be very careful that you do not fold your arms.  This forms a barricade

Against your chest where your heart is.  It is a pretty bold statement that you do not intend to be open or romantic, so make sure that you are not tempted to fold your arms.  The same goes for crossing your legs over.  If you need to, you can cross your ankles, but folded arms and crossed legs are a no.

You should also avoid fidgeting with things around you when you are nervous.  This can make your date feel nervous too.  If you have long hair make sure that to don’t twirl it around your fingers, itch your scalp or chew your hair.  Unless you are good at twirling your hair in a really impressive manner, you should avoid this kind of thing.

2. Conversation

Have a good Conversation
Have a good Conversation

If you think that your perfect date looks beautiful, then you should tell her as often as you can and in as many different ways as you can. Even if you think she looks beautiful and even if she thinks she looks beautiful, you should tell her so that she knows that you find her attractive. Try to come up with something original to talk about.  You need to make your date stand out from all the other dates that you’re dating partner has ever been on.  The more original you can be, the more interesting and memorable your date will be.

1. Be Yourself

Be Yourself to impress your date
Be Yourself to impress your date

The last and the most important thing to do is always be yourself.  If you are trying to be someone who you are not, then you are unlikely to find the perfect date, and even if you do,

They will not stick around for long if you are not the person that they initially thought that you were. For your first date, you can always suggest having a short meeting.  Some people feel uncomfortable about spending hours on their first date, so to ease yourself into the dating game, you should arrange short and sweet meetings at first. You should be careful that you are being as original as possible.  Try to avoid the clichés of first dates.  Going for a drink in a bar, or going for a romantic meal is absolutely fine, but if you want your date to be memorable, you should try to think of an interesting venue.  If you are going for a drink, maybe a drink on a beautiful terrace overlooking some romantic scenery, or a restaurant in an unusual location would impress your date and make it memorable for them.

Make sure that you are going to a venue where you are going to feel comfortable and at ease.  If you don’t feel comfortable, then you are likely to feel nervous and embarrassed and it will certainly show in your body language. Try to use playful touching of your dates arms and legs, and even a brush against their cheek with your hand can send romantic signals. The more courteous you can be on a first date the better.  Hold doors open, remember your manners, and offer to help your date take their coat off, pull a chair out so your date can sit down. If it is dark, you should always offer to walk your date to her car, or her home.   If you care about your date’s safety right until the end of the night, it will be likely to make them want to arrange a second date!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article, let us know how you impressed your date in past, and what was your experience. If you feel anything should have been added to this list of Top 5 Ways to Impress Your Date! please let us know in the comment section. And finally if you get success please share this with your friends so that they can also impress their date.


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  1. Ohhh God this is such a amazing & lovely post to impress Date, I dated with my boy friend in past but didn’t thing & payed my attention in these valuable points. I was so stupid but well now it’s time to use benefit of these point with my husband.

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