Top 5 Websites in the web with .net domain extension

There are hundreds for domain extensions which is used for websites. Among the .com is the most popular, and .net is the second choice if .com version of the domain is not available. In this article we will  let you know the Top 5 Websites in the web with .net domain extension. As most of us and big corporations tend to use .com for their websites (such as,,,, ), but there are some people who used .net instead of .com extension for their business.

Top 5 Websites with .net domain extension

You get it, here are those brave-hearts who preferred .net domain for their business instead of popular .com. They are the angles for .net domain registry, as they built their multi billion dollar business around .net extension. So let’s start the list of those list of 5 Top websites in the web with .net domain extension.

5. Website is the most popular speed test website in the world used to test internet connection speed. This website is owned by OOKLA. The site become popular due to its accurate measurement, huge number of measuring server availability and ease of use. also provides its script for free which you can use in your website to provide speed test service. According to Alexa is the 360th most popular website in the world.

4. logo is an online platform which photographers and designers used to showcase their creativity. It’s owned by Behance, Inc which is based on New York. helps creative persons to showcase their work, it also works as a portfolio. Behance also helps recruiters to recruit the correct person.

3. logo is  an online gaming service provider. This was the first site to provide such services. Due to absence of monthly subscription charges grew exponentially and now it’s one of the popular online gaming service provider.

2. logo The official website for most popular server-side scripting language PHP. currently PHP is being used in more than 250 million websites and 2.2 million servers. provides downloads of various php module, updates, patches, and documentation. Developers can also involve and contribute to php development through this site.


Slide Share- Top 5 Websites in the web with .net domain extension is an Internet-based slide sharing platform. Users can share PowerPoint, PDF, OpenDocument and keynote presentations.  Along with sharing pretension slides Slideshare also provides embed service. With this anyone can embed to embed presentation at their website. Due to this various websites and bloggers use this site. SlideShare gets around 60 million unique visitor per month. Being free in nature and support along all devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet) makes this platform most popular site with .net domain extension.

We hope that enjoyed reading the list of Top 5 .net websites in the world. To be frank domain extension doesn’t affect by any manner to determine the quality and experience you will have from a website. Search engines like Google also treats all generic Top Level Extensions in same way (ccTLD’s such as .us, .uk, .in are treated differently depending on location). But people tend to use because when it comes to general user they always take it granted that the domain will be a .com such as you never type or while searching.


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